Shield Shield Bonus Min. STR Cost
Target Shield +1 0 15 sp
Medium Shield +2 1 25 sp
Heavy Shield +3 2 45 sp
Full Shield +4 3 65 sp

To use a shield with full efficacy requires training — either the Shield or Weapon & Shield Style talents. Without training, at most shield will provide a defense bonus of +1.

Target Shield is a small, usually round, wooden shield — though occasionally reinforced with iron. It is primarily used for parrying because it only covers a small portion of the body.
Medium Shield is a popular shield among warriors, it provides good protection without being ungainly. Medium shields can be rectangular, round, or kite shaped.
Heavy Shield, is used by heavy infantry troops. It is most common on the battlefield, as its use requires the kind of training usually provided only to professional soldiers. Heavy shields can be rectangular or kite shaped.
Full Shield, also called a tower shield, is a large unwieldy shield used to absorb blows rather than to parry them.



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