Velathys, Holy City of


Civ +3, Wealth +1, Might +1, Territory -1

Ancient – never been conquered portal citadel at its heart.

Contains the Holy See of the Church of Thesme and the Court of the High Theocrat, His Holiness Prestimion IV. It holds the Rose Throne and Office of the Holy Righteous Corpora. It is also holds the Palace of the Governor-General of the Knights of the Briar Rose, Imidol of Selinsgard. This is the center of Thesme’s worship and sees many pilgrims from across the breadth of the Hanzmir.

The city was founded by Grigitor Arl, the Heit-Manche of Cherngoren, after the overthrow of High-King Spurifon IX. The city saw the height of its expansion under the governance of the Heit-Manches.

The Rose Throne sits upon the ruins of the Heit-Manchery wherein Prince Erophin was slain during the Ritual of Renewal (which resulted in the creation of the Eleven Immortals).
Beneath the current streets of the city wind layers and layers catacombs, forgotten labyrinths, and lost byways. Above impossible spires and unassailable bulwarks wrought by high wizardry cast the streets into shadow.

Amid the gloom black markets thrive selling relics unearthed from the distant past.

At the heart of the city lies the thrice sealed Ebon Portal of Zimrael.

Largest and most prestigious city in Mhentir.

Velathys, Holy City of

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