Social Status

A characters status represents his position in society. Higher status characters have more influence and can potentially access more resources.

Characters start with a Social Status of 1.

The Status table below gives a basic description of that rank.

Social Status Description
-2 Outlaw/Criminal
-1 Serf/Slave
0 Servant/Bondsman
1 Freeman/Commoner
2 Squire/Merchant/Skilled Artisan
3 Burgher/Councillor/Priest
4 Knight/Great Merchant/Senior Priest/Master Artisan
5 Minor Noble/Captain
6 Landed Nobility/Chieftan/Abbot
7 Baron/Count/Bishop
8 Prince/Duke/Arch-Bishop
9 King/Prelate

Although status looks like an ability, after Character Creation it can only be increased by the GM, and then only in response to suitable heroic, or at least significant, actions by the character. It can also be decreased in the right circumstances. The GM may also limit the maximum and minimum status available to starting characters, or vary the description to suit the campaign.

Your character will have a different status in different nations and regions of the campaign setting. Status decreases over distance and in accordance with local politics and opinion.

Social Status

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