Morbarden, Grand Duchy of


Civ +1, Wealth +1, Might -1, Territory +2

The Land of Rivers and Wheat

A vast farmland filled with hamlets, towns and more farmland. The elevation barely change. The winters are mild, the summers are pleasant and the living is easy. Except of course for the inevitable invaders who arrive from every direction to enslave and conquer the farmers yet again.

Though long unable to field an army of any note, the proud equines of Olokand County make the finest battle destriers a knight can sit. Borgrax cattle are prized for their strength and hardiness.

Casks of Morbardy mead, specifically that produced by the monks at Radamount, command a princely sum throughout the Hanzmir. The beers and ales produced along the Tanecir River are said to be more flavorful than any known. And while several towns produce cheeses of note, that which is produced in Perimor is esteemed through the lands.

The Royal Castle at Mardigules is renowned for being besieged, and rebuilt, at least eight times in recorded history.

The yearly Mardigules Faire is a really big deal bringing merchants and buyers from across the lands. The Grand Duke makes a lot of money from this.

The Grand Duchy is historically a feudal vassal of the Kingdom of Almeryss.

Morbarden, Grand Duchy of

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