Character Classes

If background is where you come from, class is what you’ve become. Classes are both mythic archetypes and frameworks for your character’s advancement.

For the Portals of Aldamere campaign you have the choice of three classes:

Class Descriptions

Primary Abilities. A class has four primary abilities. These are the abilities most important tot he class and the ones used most often.

Secondary Abilities. A class has five secondary abilities. These are not as important as the primary abilities as far as what the class does — but can be important nonetheless.

Starting Health. This is the starting Hit Points for the class.

Weapon Groups. These are the types of weapons your character is trained in at Character Creation and based on his or her class choice. Characters are free to learn other types of weapons.

Class Powers. These are the special powers each class gets as they advance in level.

Gaining Levels

As a character advances in level he or she receives certain benefits.

  • Your character’s Health increases by 1d6 + Constitution. At 10th level or higher a character’s health only increases by Constitution per level.
  • A single HERO POINT to spend or save as you like. Characters may never “bank” more than 4 Hero points. See HERO POINTS regarding the spending of such.
  • You can pick one new ability focus. If you gained an even numbered level, you must choose a focus from one of your Primary Abilities. If you gained an odd numbered level, you must choose a focus from one of your secondary abilities. Starting at level 11, you can select a focus you already have to increase your bonus with that focus from +2 to +3.
  • You gain class powers for your new level. See class description for details.

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Character Classes

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