Ability Focuses

A focus is an area of expertise within the larger scope of an ability.

In game terms, if you have a focus, your ability is effectively 2 higher then normal when working within that specialty.

Note on Weapon Groups: A character can take training in a Weapon Group as if it were a focus. A character must be trained in a Weapon Group before taking it as a Weapon Focus.

Accuracy Focuses: Arcane Blast, Bows, Black Powder, Dueling, Grenades, Light Blades, Staves.

Communication Focuses: Animal Handling, Bargaining, Deception, Disguise, Etiquette, Gambling, Investigation, Leadership, Performance, Persuasion, Seduction.

Constitution Focuses: Drinking, Rowing, Running, Stamina, Swimming.

Fighting Focuses: Axes, Bludgeons, Heavy Blades, Lances, Polearms, Spears.

Dexterity Focuses: Acrobatics, Brawling, Calligraphy, Crafting*, Initiative, Legerdemain, Lock Picking, Profession*, Riding, Sailing, Stealth, Traps.

Intelligence Focuses: Alchemy, Arcana, Arcane Lore, Brewing, Cartography, Cryptography, Cultural Lore, Dungeon Lore, Engineering, Evaluation, Geographical Lore, Healing, Heraldry, Herb Lore, Historical Lore, Literacy, Language*, Military Lore, Musical Lore, Natural Lore, Planar Lore, Poison Lore, Profession*, Research, Religious Lore, Runes, Seamanship, Spiritual Attack, Spiritual Lore, Streetwise, Trading, Writing.

Perception Focuses: Empathy, Hearing, Searching, Seeing, Smelling, Spirit Sense, Tasting, Touching, Tracking.

Strength Focuses: Climbing, Driving, Intimidation, Jumping, Might, Profession*, Smithing.

Willpower Focuses: Courage, Faith, Morale, Self-Discipline, Spiritual Defense.

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Ability Focuses

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