Your character is defined by nine abilities:

  • Accuracy – represents your character’s physical precision and skill with finesse and ranged weapons, such as bows and rapiers.
  • Communication – covers your character’s social skills, personal interactions, and ability to deal with others.
  • Constitution – is your character’s fortitude and resistance to harm.
  • Dexterity – encompasses your character’s agility, hand-eye coordination, and quickness.
  • Fighting – is your skill at combat with heavier weapons, such as axes and spears.
  • Intelligence – is a measure of your character’s smarts, knowledge, and education.
  • Perception – covers all the senses and the ability to interpret sensory data.
  • Strength – is your character’s physical prowess.
  • Willpower – encompasses mental toughness, discipline, and confidence.

Abilities are further defined by specific Ability Focuses within each ability.

Determining Abilities at Character Creation

At character start your abilities are rated from a low of -1 to a high of 3. A starting character receives 10 “statistic points” with which to purchase abilities. One ability point costs one statistic point. Buying a Dexterity of 3, would cost 3 statistic points. Buying a Constitution of 0 would cost 0 statistic points. Buying a Intelligence of -1 would cost -1 statistic points. For initial statistic buy no ability may be higher than 3 or lower than -1.

Additionally the Atlas of Aldamere campaign uses two additional Abilities: Social Status and Reputation. All starting characters begin with a Social Status Ability of 1 (Freeman/Commoner). Initial statistic points may be spent to raise this to a starting maximum of 4 (Knight/Senior Priest). Social Status may not be reduced during Character Creation. A character’s starting Reputation with every faction begins at 0. This can be altered at Character Creation, however points earned by reducing Reputation with a faction to less than 0 cannot be spent on any other ability.

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Abilities in Play

Through game play a character’s abilities will fluctuate. As a character increases in level his or her abilities may increase. As a character ages his or her abilities will generally decrease.

As a character gains a level he or she may spend HERO POINTS to increase Primary or Secondary Abilities. The first increase purchased in this fashion must be to one of the character’s Primary Abilities. Thereafter a character cannot increase a Primary Ability again until purchasing an increase in a Secondary Ability.

In play Abilities may be purchased according to the following costs.

Ability Hero Point Cost
-2 to 4 1 point per Ability point
5 to 7 2 points per Ability point
8 to 10 3 points per Ability point
11 to 12 4 points per Ability point

Abilities may not be purchased beyond 12.

Abilities decrease as a character ages.

Age (or equivalent) Ability Modification
35 -1 CON, -1 DEX
45 -1 CON, -1 DEX, -1 STR
55 -2 CON, -2 DEX, -1 PER, -2 STR
65 -1 COM, -2 CON, -1 INT, -2 DEX, -1 PER, -2 STR
75 -1 COM, -3 CON, -2 INT, -3 DEX, -2 PER, -3 STR
All decreases are cumulative.


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