Carter Hamilton-Smythe

Intelligent Tech flavored Adept who Exists Partially Out of Phase


Dossier from the HMS Venture datafiles
Name: Carter Hamilton-Smythe
Rank: Lieutenant-Commander (reactivated with commensurate adjustment in rank)
Honours and Titles:
Franklin Chair for Metaphysics, Queens College, New Amsterdam
Knighted by Her Highness; Chelsea Gloriana Windsor I for his work in physics, mathematics and material sciences.
Lieutenant-Commander, Royal Navy (active)
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 185
Build: trim – runner not a lifter
Hair: brown
Eyes: Heterochromatic (one brown, one blue)
Complexion: Anglo
Father: Vice Admiral Reginald Hamilton-Smythe (retired)
Mother: Group Captain Brittany Hamilton-Smythe (retired)
Sister: sub-Lieutenant Caitlyn Hamilton-Smythe (deceased) (see link to loss of HMS Respite at Alpha-Centauri )


Carter was born in the Year of our Lord 2286 in the jewel of Her Majesty’s Dominion of North America, the city of New Amsterdam.

As a child he attended the required predatory academies as one would expect of the extended Noble House of Hamilton, even if a simple descendent of the cadet branch Hamilton-Smythe. Upon graduation from Secondary School (with the expected honors) he enrolled in Yale for his undergraduate work. From there he went on to perform his mandatory enlistment with the Queen’s Navy as a freshly minted Sub-Lieutenant and then on to Harvard for his post-graduate work in physics. Not so long later Carter would go on to finish his phd, do his postdoctoral work at CERN in an Empire, European Commonwealth exchange and then finally take a teaching position as the Franklin chair for metaphysics at Queens College – an unheard of meteoric career for someone a mere 35.

At Queens College he is credited for heading up the research team that made several discoveries in the realms of material sciences, sub-atomics and gravitic mechanics, work for which he was knighted.

Personal Log: (beginning at the time of the accident)

  • I appear to have survived whatever overtook us during the test of the Skip Drive. It looks as though we missed something in the research as a madness has overtaken the crew. Some are engaged in violence against each other, ignoring the orders of their officers while others are bent on escaping.
  • Things have quieted down now. Problematically it appears as though I cannot interact with anyone. On the other hand I can pass through walls now and I seem to be immune to physical damage. Perhaps I did not survive the transition? If that is so what is this new state?
  • Entities transitioned into reality with us. I am completely unable to save the crew. However, I can attract the attention of the horrors and cause them to chase me through the vessel in this incorporeal state.
  • I can hide from the entities by moving into the bulkheads and other solid objects.
  • I was able to trap the entity (entities ? I really cannot tell) by altering the matter of the hatch to engineering and auxiliary control by… adjusting(?) the underlying matrix of matter. Don’t ask. I don’t understand what I did either.
  • I was able to ‘materialize?’ sufficiently so that my autonomous data-pad recognize me. Further I was able to bring it with me in transition.
  • I have locked down the ship as best I can and overwrote my own access so if I am captured I cannot give access to the entities.
  • So tired. I think I can rest in the crew bulkhead. Hopefully a passing vessel will hear the beacon soon.

Carter Hamilton-Smythe

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