Annals of Aldamere

After the Muties, Hallucinations Galore

Mr. Dwight and Thorne are now sharing drugs

Khiron’s Journal-After the Muties

While recovering from the fight with the muties we were all surprised when Mr. Dwight rejoined the party. He had an interesting tale to tell.

It seems he had been teleported to some other place or time that was also the Tennessee valley but different. Apparently he allied himself with some of the folk there, including some Elves, which were fighting Olmecs and their steam statue golems. He made vague references to a magical substance called Corba that could be made in a variety of ways, including something about virgins and brooms. None of it made sense to me and as far as I know he might have passed out and hallucinated it all but, well, sure ok, Elves and Olmecs it is.

We healed up and the young girl rescued from the muties who is named Harper, helped guide us north towards Oak Ridge. Harper knew the region well and we quickly rode our motorcycles to what was once her village Solway. Having motorcycles apparently made Thorne freak out as he insisted we had left them on the boat. Hallucinations all around it seems, maybe they have been smoking the same weed.

Solway had been situated on the underside of what was once a bridge across the branch of the Tennessee river that separated this side of the river from Oak Ridge itself but the muties had destroyed both the bridge and the village itself.

While Mr. Dwight scouted the area with his drone I built a raft out of various scrap from the village and some felled trees and timber. Harper also revealed that her family made nitrate and had a large supply of it hidden nearby which she guided us to. They did indeed have a decent supply and enough other materials to make many bullets and some simple rockets even. The drone revealed that the Cavel’s mercenaries [ ed: Ryquist Caville, who has hired Edsel Farhad and his Blackbriar Mercenary Company ], which numbered about 100, had set up camp in the ruins of Oak Ridge Laboratories and were busily looting it, apparently intent on taking apart and salvaging a nuclear fusion reactor. They had several boats, a walled palisades and wooden tower defenses and looked to be well equipped and capable. Obviously a straightforward attack by our merry band would be right out of the question.

We returned to Harper’s foundry [ ed: survival bunker complex ] and proceeded to make several dozen rockets and other explosives for our eventual assault on the place. While I was working I heard Thorne cackling with glee about killing, slaughtering the mercenaries and the others discussing various ways to possibly steal the barge, attack the barge latter or possibly lure the muties up to Oak Ridge with a trail of claymores, she was quite delighted with the prospect of killing dozens of people with a joy that I can only say was… unusual. When I informed her that the rockets were unguided and unless supported by Mr. Dwight’s spells would cause much chaos but not so many fatalities she responded as if I had pissed in her breakfast cereal, which was both amusing and disturbing all at once.

In the midst of this rather frantic debate Mr. Dwight suggested that we find a dead scientist and Thorne use his powers to reveal where the Quantum Coupled Material that we came here looking for might be. This fortunately derailed the murderous thoughts Thorne was gleefully salivating over and he quickly found such a spirit, one Dr. Pembleton. Dr. Pembleton was very well informed and told us that we could find the materials in the old Computer lab and they were quite portable. The Computer lab itself was inside the compound that the mercenaries had made but was not their interest at that time, sort of off in the back and ignored. Dr. Pembleton also suggested we could make our way through the old steam tunnels to get to the Computer room which seemed like a wise suggestion that would minimize our chance of encountering guards. This and the fact that we can now all percieve Rowena only makes me wonder if Thorne’s madness is not somehow contagious but what the hell, its a fun ride.

At this point talk returned to possible scenarios that might possibly somehow allow us to acquire both the QCM and the fusion reactor, which all seemed really preposterous to me but heh, they were all enjoying the argument, let them run with it.



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