The City of Mystery and Mayhem.

City Index

Allowed Aspects

  • Portals
  • The Cabal
  • Trade Guilds
  • Luck, fortune, and chance play a role in the city
  • Feuding noble houses – control the peasants and the city food supply
  • Cycles and horology
  • Diviners’ Guild – the Arbiters
  • Civil Service
  • Layers – semi-impossible geography
  • The River Provides
  • Anarcho-tyranny

Not Allowed Aspects

  • Static systems
  • Powerful central authority
  • Mundane animals
  • Boring shit

Known Elements

  • The Red Goddess and her avatar, the Red Emperor, have a presence in the city.
  • The Library is impressive and old.
  • The Tumbles are a large ruin outside the city.
  • The city is a den of iniquity, concentrated sin filled with sinful cults.

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