Ubratsweiler, village of


Ubratsweiler is a small village in the demesne of the Count of Feuerholz, southeast of Hätmandorf.

Ubratsweiler is a rather small place – it has an inn, but little more to recommend it (the Sign of the Ouzel & Stag). It is a quiet place where most of the folk are engaged in woodscraft (charcoal burning, timber harvest, hunting, and such). The Schultz is a large fellow, named Tymo, who is mainly concerned with hunting and drinking. He plays an accordion rather well.

Folk here are suspicious of the residents of the village of Albugen, to the northeast.

The village as has a small church (kirche).

Southeast of Ubratsweiler is the village of Almsloh.

Note: the inn is very warm, beyond what would seem to be the capacity for the meager amount of wood in the hearth – beneath the inn is a strange chubby little red ceramic idol that generates heat for the inn – fire clay pipes carry warm air to the rooms of the inn. This is nice in the winter, but rather bothersome in the warmer months. No one knows the origin of the idol – it has always been here…for as long as there has been an inn presumably. No one finds it the least bit odd.

Ubratsweiler, village of

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