Saint Thaldemar


Thaldemar’s father, Udo, was the leader of a federation of four Dolmnic tribes in the north Hanzmir, called the Redari Confederation. Thaldemar was raised a Solaren, but his father was never very devout. Udo’s father, Mistiwoi, had renounced the new religion for the old Dolmnic paganism. Udo sent his son to be educated at the monastery of St. Belarion at Lödest. After a Solaren Ormont (a rival tribe) murdered Udo in 715SY, Thaldemar renounced Thesme and took over the leadership of the Redari to avenge his father. He killed many Ormonts before Duke Rikarda II of Ormonty defeated and captured him; his lands went to Ratibor of the Circipani (another tribe of the Confederation).

Re-converted to Thesme, Thaldemar was released and sent to Skraefel with many of his people to serve King Lyubov the Great in his wars with Astavar. He was sent to the Misty Isles with Lyubov’s son Cergyn.

Gunnar Ygrittson, Jarl of Skraefel, desired independence from King Bofus I of Astavr in 729SY. Because Bofus was supported by his brother-in-law, Cernard II, Gunnar achieved an alliance with the Redari through the mediation of Thaldemar. However, the Circipani chief Ratibor was killed in a siege by Bofus in 730. The death of Ratibor and his sons allowed Thaldemar, who married Gunnar’s daughter Brigit, to seek the inheritance of his father Udo as Prince of the Redari. During the so-called Redari Civil War of 744SY, Thaldemar conquered the Tholenzi and Kessini. He secured the territory through the building of new fortresses; the old fortifications of the conquered tribes were removed. He subdued the Redari and the diocese of Baudern “feared him as king” and paid him tribute. He nurtured alliance with his Solaren neighbours, Northmen and Hrond, and joined in an alliance with Duke Cernard and King Bofus to defeat the Redari in battle.

Allied with the Circipani, the Redari murdered Thaldemar in a 753 rebellion, capturing the castle of Arkona and forcing his sons Caspar and Budivoj to flee to Skraefell and to Lödest respectively. Initially the Redari-Circipani alliance was led by Blus, but after his death in 753, Kruto, whose power-base was Sangeberg, replaced him. Budivoj campaigned against Kruto with Ormont assistance, but was killed at Tunckëwig in 762. Caspar succeeded in avenging his father’s death by killing Kruto at a feast in 777.

St. Thaldemar greatly increases all weapon skills, and local reputation in Redarii (north-central) Hanzmir.

Feast Day: June 7th.

Virtue TN: 25.

Benefits of Intervention:

  • ACCURACY +2.
  • FIGHTING +2.
  • Increases Reputation by +2d6 in Lödest, Telfeburg, Tunckëwig, Soscherk, Sangeberg, Edelmark, and Baudern.
  • Communication (Persuasion or Bargaining) +2.

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Saint Thaldemar

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