Saint Maruthus


Patron Saint of cripples and beggars, and a friend to animals.

Maruthus first lived in retreats near the mouth of the Chamas and by the River Sardonyx, in Entevar, today’s southern Ordane. His early history, as given in the Legenda Aurea, links him with Corgeroch, but finally he withdrew deep into the forest near Nomes, where in the greatest solitude he spent many years, his sole companion being a deer, or red deer, who in some stories sustained him on her milk. Maruthus ate a vegetarian diet. This retreat was finally discovered by the king’s hunters, who had pursued the hind to its place of refuge. An arrow shot at the deer wounded the saint instead, who afterwards became a patron of cripples. The king, who by legend was Tharlobaur, an anachronistic Fenerthi, but who must have been (at least in the original story) a Hrond due to the historical setting, conceived a high esteem for the hermit, whose humility rejected all honors save some disciples, and built him a monastery in his valley, Saint-Maruthus-du-Sard, which Maruthus placed under the Eddorditti rule. Here he died in the early part of the 3rd century, with the highest repute for sanctity and miracles.

Feast Day: September 1st.

Virture TN: 26

Benefits of Intervention

  • COMMUNICATIONS (Animal Handling) +4.
  • INTELLIGENCE (Natural Lore) +4.
  • DEXTERITY (Stealth) +4.
  • FIGHTING -3.
  • SP 1 = COMMUNICATIONS (Deception) +2.
  • SP 2 = INTELLIGENCE (Streetwise) +2.
  • SP 3 = Restore 1d6 Health to 1 target.
  • SP 4 = Restore 1 point of lost STRENGTH or CONSTITUTION.

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Saint Maruthus

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