Saint Luljeta


Tradition holds that she was an Isla-Bellos woman born around -30SY at Noacha. A young virgin, she had decided to devote herself fully to the service of Thesme. By order of the prefect Tibor, she was imprisoned and tortured for her faith. Her mouth was crushed, and her body was dragged through rocks and brambles. She was martyred at Noacha by being racked or stoned to death.

After her death, the governor of the province ordered for her body to be burnt to prevent its veneration. However, it was saved from the flames by Solarens. Her body was placed on a boat bound for the Aldema. Graziano, the boat’s pilot; Benenato, a priest; and Rosco, his deacon; believed it would receive proper Solaren burial there. However, a storm overtook the boat and a dove flew out from the mouth of the saint. The dove guided the boat to shore in what is today part of the Principality of Portarosa, where a chapel dedicated to Saint Sandrine already stood.

Her mutilated body was discovered by fishermen. In her honor a chapel was built, which stands in Portarosa still. Traditionally, flowers are said to bloom before their season on January 27, the saint’s feast day.

Feast Day: January 27th.

Virtue TN: 21

Benefits of Intervention

  • Restores 3d6 Health.
  • Strength +2.
  • Communication (Persuade) +2.
  • Helps to escape or withstand torture – +2 to Dexterity (Acrobatics) when attempting to escape bonds; +2 to Willpower (Self-Discipline) when undergoing torture.
  • Increases Reputation in Portarosa by +3d6.

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Saint Luljeta

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