Saint Eamon


An Issonian (Misty Islands) saint known for his miraculous fasts and prayers. A monastic founder, bishop, and miracle worker known for his kindness to animals. Known as Edan, Modoc, and Maedoc in some records, Eamon was born in Dwyrrk, Issona (Misty Isles). Tradition states that his birth was heralded by signs and omens, and he showed evidence of piety as a small child. Educated at Llanedd, Eamon went to St. Daffydd monastery in Prydain (Misty Isles). He remained there for several years, studying Scriptures, and his presence saved the monastery from disaster. Arlori war parties attacked the monastery during Eamon’s stay, and he supposedly repelled them miraculously. In time, Eamon returned to Issona, founding a monastery in Ferns, in Wyrdham. He became the bishop of the region as well. His miracles brought many to the Church. Eamon is represented in religious art with a stag. He is reported to have made a beautiful stag invisible to save it from hounds. Eamon is also known for his kindness and love of animals. He increases Cunning (Nature Lore) by a very great amount, and may allow the party to communicate with or control wild animals.

Feast day: August 31st.

Virtue TN: 20

Benefits of Intervention


Saint Eamon

Annals of Aldamere thelesuit