Piety is a means for attracting the attention of the Divine. By undertaking actions that are consistent in promoting the ethics and morality of a particular divine ethos (or church, or cult, or whatever), an individual earns favor with the divine (or perhaps infernal). An individual can attempt to exert the favor gained to influence worldly events.

Systematically the amount of favor gained is measured in Piety Points (PP).

Generating Piety

An individual can use INTELLIGENCE (RELIGIOUS LORE) to determine what acts might generate favor (PP). A successful test of INTELLIGENCE (RELIGIOUS LORE) might also provide information about local saints, their particular virtues, and Saints’ Days.

The amount of favor generated is determined by the magnitude of the action and how closely it aligns with the ethos of the divinity whose favor is being sought. Simple acts will generate small amounts of piety. Grand rituals (Mass) generate more piety.

To perform a ritual or ceremony in order to generate piety requires a INTELLIGENCE (RELIGIOUS LORE) test by the performer. The complexity (and often duration) of the ceremony sets the TN.

  • Informal Mass, Sermon, or Prayer: TN12, generates 1d6 PP for all participants. Time to perform: 20 minutes. Can be performed twice per day.
  • Mass: TN15, generates 2d6 PP for all participants. Time to perform: 1 hour. Can only be performed once per day.
  • High Mass: TN20, generates 3d6 PP for all participants. Time to perform: 2 hours. Can only be performed on Holy Days or solemn occasions.

NOTE: The physical area in which an individual attempts to gain piety may increase or decrease the Target Number for any specific attempt. Areas “touched” by Otherworldly Realms make generating Piety more difficult.

Piety Generation Stunts

SP 1, Divine Inspiration = Individual performing the ceremony gains 1d6 extra PP for each stunt point spent.
SP 2, Touch of the Divine = Officiant receives + 1 on next request for Divine Intervention/Saintly Boon.
SP 3, Holy Benefice = All participants gain 1d6 extra PP.
SP 4, Saintly Visions = All participants receive + 1 on next request for Divine Intervention/Saintly Boon.
SP 5, Divine Visitation = All participants gain 2d6 extra PP.

Divine Intervention and Saintly Boons

For the Church of Thesme, a pious individual can attempt to influence worldly events by invoking Saints and Angels. Specific saints and angels are want to influence specific planned actions, situations, or even geographic areas. Each saint or angel has an associated Virtue TN (Target Number) to intervene and specific bonuses they confer to the supplicant.

WILLPOWER (FAITH) + PP expended + 3d6 vs. Saint/Angel Virtue TN

The complexity of the invocation limits the number of Piety Points [PP] a supplicant may expend. For a simple “combat invocation” the PP expended may not exceed twice the supplicant’s WILLPOWER (FAITH). More complex ritual invocations allow for more PP to be expended.

Anyone can learn what Saints and Angels are best to call – there is no limit the number one may know. But only one Saint or Angel can be attempted to be called for any specific circumstance.

Unless otherwise indicated all benefits from Divine Intervention/Saintly Boons last a single encounter/situation. Requesting Divine Intervention is a Major Action. Boons apply only to a single target/individual unless stated otherwise in the Saint’s description.

Prior to requesting Divine Intervention a supplicant may engage in prayer.

Prayer for Divine Intervention: INTELLIGENCE (RELIGIOUS LORE) TN10. For each 1 HT grants + 1 to next request for Divine Intervention (up to 10 HT may be spent). Time to perform: Full Round Action.

Divine Intervention/Saintly Boon Stunts

SP 1, Spread the Faith = Saint’s boons are extended to one additional individual per SP spent.
SP 2, Depth of Faith = + 1 to all boons granted by saint.
SP 2, Shield of Faith = + 1 to supplicant’s DEFENSE for next round.
SP 3, Divine Insight = PP cost is reduced by half, + 1 to supplicant’s next INTELLIGENCE (RELIGIOUS LORE) test.
SP 3, Faith Is My Armor = + 1d6 to supplicant’s AR for the next round.
SP 4, Faith Is Eternal = All boons granted by Saint persist till dawn of the next day.
SP 4, Faith IS My Sword = + 1d6 to supplicant’s next melee attack damage.
SP 5, Vessel of Faith = All faithful within 30 yards of supplicant gain 2d6 PP.
SP 6, Touched By The Saint = The TN for Divine Intervention for this saint is henceforth reduced by 1.

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