Annals of Aldamere

The room with a view
Ser Marcel, Olis, Thorne, Gabriel, Khiron, Mr. Dwight

“Giant salmon badgers… Very dangerous… You go first.”

Scouting deep into the bowels of the dam lead Marcel and company into a great chamber—Khiron referred to it as the turbine room—which a number of strange aquatic creatures had made their lair. Exploring the area as Gabriel kept a close watch on the creatures, Mr. Dwight used his arcane magics to locate a source of the rare element palladium, which lead the party up to a ‘control room’. There the hunt for the reagent came to end not because we found what we had looked for, but instead we found what we really needed: a very detailed map.

The map in the ancient control room of the “Military Power District” revealed many secrets, even more once Khiron was able to provide it with additional power. The party found locations and details on a number of “DOE” sites scattered throughout the mountain range, including the most intriguing “Mt. Tabor High Energy Site” which was not in fact where we had found the infestation of EYFOB.

After taking some time to take detailed notes from the map, as well as securing the information by changing the map’s “display mode”, the party then set about leaving the ruins. Unfortunately, the local creatures took much more interest in the party attempting to leave than they did when the party first entered—perhaps they had grown bored. In any case, the pack of animals (maybe part fish or salmon? part badger or wolverine?) attacked and the company as forced to respond with violence. Mr Dwight’s gun lanced out with arcane power, Thorne froze one creature solidly with hir’s Weird Ways, and Olis and Ser Marcel fought back the razor-sharp claws with spear and sword and shield.

As the company emerged from underground, a powerful storm was coming down from the mountains which necessitated finding secure shelter. Just down the road was a sturdy survival shelter that Khiron and Mr. Dwight said had likely been built by Mor-mons. While it provided more than adequate shelter for the company and Mr. Dwight’s vehicle for the night, a chamber beneath proved to be infested with something deeply malevolent. Even Thorne was shaken by the encounter as some things were never meant to be found. Arcane bolts, fire, and even holy blasts were needed to again lay it to rest.

Once the storm passed, the group returned to Hot Springs to prepare for an extended trip on foot into the mountains. The party secured provisions, drove up as far as possible in the Beast, and then set out on foot. There they were greeted on the road by a prospector making haste back the way from whence they came…

Welcome to fun town
Ser Marcel, Olis, Thorne, Gabriel, Khiron, Mr. Dwight

While taking stock of the company’s options for dealing with the “Iowans” partying loudly into the wee hours outside the walls of Mountain View, Mr. Dwight got an itchy trigger finger and set out to snipe “The Karl”. His patience was rewarded, and the well-placed shot tore into the huge man’s shoulder. Alas, the Karl had some sort of “etheric warding” and the wound was not fatal. It did, however, prove to be highly disruptive to their festivous mood.

Khiron prepared more contributions, and Gabriel worked his way into plant it in and among their ‘speaker truck’. Gabriel’s efforts to go unnoticed as an intruder proved a bit too effective, however, and was pulled into the event as a participant. The explosion was at once both awe-inspiring, and deeply disturbing. Attempting to get away, Gabriel ducked into the cab of one of important supply vehicles, but being unfamiliar with the controls ended up crashing it into the walls of Mountain View. At this point, all hell broke lose and the party became a violent mob.

Khiron and Thorne joined the fray, with Mr. Dwight contributing layers of ice onto the truck which turned out to be full of a volatile liquid. Ultimately the party was successful in turning back the frenzied attack, while a not insignificant portion of the Iowans packed up.

With the siege broken in a messy and violent manner, the company enjoyed the quiet hospitality of Mountain View, and choice pickings of their salvage—the damage to the walls was offset by the readily available supply of high-grade fuel. Alas, there was little of the sought-after rare element, so the party continued on to Hot Springs.

Hot Springs proved to a prosperous town, and there we were pointed to a metallurgist named Edwin. There was no real leads on “palladium metal” to be found there, but we were pointed to the town Little Rock as another possible site. Before leaving, the party stop in old Hot Springs and found the remains of a great, broken damn. Scouting the area, Mr. Dwight noticed an overgrown entrance. Gabriel saw traces of some animal, perhaps a large cat, in the area as well.

Beset and besieged
Ser Marcel, Olis, Thorne, Gabriel, Khiron

While awaiting the crafting of some additional gear for dealing with the FOEYFOB problem at the local DOE site, the party decided to journey to Owichita in the hopes of finding required rare components. Initially travelling with a caravan proved useful, but Thorne suggested the party take a side-trip over to Mountain View as a potentially promising source.

After some rough-terrain travel, Marcel and company found that the town of Mountain View was both a likely source of rare components, and under siege from a gang of rough folk. Khiron was able to communicate with the town elders through a “ham radio”, and were promised suitable reward should we be able to break the siege.

Upon nightfall and moving on the less patrolled upper-side, Gabriel and Khiron set upon a group of look-outs in the hopes of gaining more information. The gang proved to be well trained, but with luck the party was able to secure two prisoners.

Thorne used hir weird ways to gain the confidence of the male prisoner, but once the interrogation was complete there was some consternation about how to deal with them. Ser Marcel put the first to the sword feeling there was no alternative, which Thorne took great offense to—although in the ethos of these “Vikings” death by the sword was preferable. In any case, it was decided to keep the woman asleep until the siege was broken in the hopes of turning her over to the town for justice.

The information gained did prove the force was quite large, well-trained, and ruthless although not without a code of a kind. The party set about preparing materials in the hopes of destroying the sieging-forces supplies through stealth…

Disturbing is another word for neat
Marcel, Thorne, Gabriel, Khiron, and Mr. Dwight

Having successfully trapped one of the creatures—Thorne referred to it as a “worker”—, the company encountered some strange cat-like creature attempting to gain an easy meal. Mr. Dwight felt that firing his pistol and creating a massive wound would be the most efficient way to scare the panther-like hunter away from our quarry. It worked. Gabriel, however, discovered a short while later that the creature was a pack-hunter. Having secured the E.Y.F.O.B. sample in the apparatus Khiron built, Justus applied speed to resolve the affair.

On the trip back to Springfield, Thorne and Mr. Dwight engaged is some arcane shenanigans which ended up killing the bug by cutting it off from it’s “hive mind”. Despite the set back in keeping a live specimen, the party sought to find an expert in these matters—or at least an enthusiastic and knowledgeable amateur. Such a man turned out to be Evird, an apprentice to the owner of Trafalga’s Weird Widgetry in Springfield. After some rather messy examinations which put many off their food and delighted Thorne, it was determined that various methods of defense would be needed to have a chance of searching the former D.O.E. building that was their nest, and that some rare materials would be needed for the preparations.

In the meantime, the party arranged passage with another caravan that would be headed to Hot Springs, the rumored location of another ancient site which could turn up the needed materials and valuable salvage.

Diagon alley run by moonshiners
Marcel, Olis, Thorne, Gabriel, Khiron, and Mr. Dwight

Having driven off the creature dubbed “Lizard Jesus”, Mr. Dwight, Khiron, and Gabriel picked over the remains of the few fallen “Road Rash” gang members while Justus cooked the severed tip of the lizard’s tail for a meal—we were assured that “the rads are cooked right out”. The remainder of the trip to Springfield in Iron Home was reasonably uneventful, although many hours in the vehicle over rough terrain was no more comfortable than days riding in a saddle.

Springfield was an imposing sight, with a great smooth stone facade built into the mountain, overlooking a surface outpost where “guests” were expected to stay. The caravan put into this “foreign quarter”, and Mr Yezzel got touch with his contact and sponsor in Iron Home, a merchant named Yord Stonefoot. Thorne seemed disappointed to discover the so called “dwarves” were nothing more than rough-looking mountain folk, but was soon distracted by the strange clothing worn by folk the locals called “Pueblos”.

After some discussion, Yord agreed to sponsor the party to enter Springfield proper to conduct business in the market, as well as pointing us to Mildred Steadfast, keeper of ‘antiquities and old shit’. The invitation was conditional on good behavior and providing Yord a cut of any proceeds, and distinctly only a ‘day pass’ as strangers were not trusted to stay in the city proper after dusk. The market and it’s denizens proved more than interesting to both Khiron and Thorne, and the party was able to suggest a number of items of interest to Mr Yezzel for the return trip of the caravan. Thorne in particular was able to trade for a coveted raptor egg, which if it can be returned safely to our patron could be worth a good deal of favor—“a side quest” as Thorne had told Lady Nagastor. Mildred also proved to be a font of information providing the location of the “DOE Site” in “Old Springfield” as well as hints of another such site near the ancient town of “Hot Springs” in Owitichta territory.

Having been warned that the “DOE Site” was overrun with E.Y.F.O.U.F.O. bugs (Eat Your Face Off Ugly Fuck Off bugs), the group approached carefully with Gabriel and Mr. Dwight’s “drone” keeping careful watch. The area near “Old Springfield” was seldom travelled by men as the sense of dread and suffering from the cataclysm of the ancients was still palpable—Thorne confirmed it was something disturbing on the spirit plane or perhaps I should say something specifically disturbing on the sprit plane. After some searching among the overgrown ruins, Gabriel and Olis were able to spot crawlspaces into the collapsed structure that had insect tracks—large but not immense in size. Khiron and Mr. Dwight also noted strange well-cleared holes on the top which were likely ventilation maintained by the bugs.

Thorne integrated the shade of one of the bugs past victims and confirmed much of what Mildred had told us, and added that the animals stayed inside in the day and strayed out at night. Mr. Dwight sent in his drone to explore the nest to discover a well-preserved DOE site and lots of dangerous, fast, and powerful warrior bugs—the drone was recovered but the worse for wear having been nearly crushed by one of the warriors’ pincers. Gabriel walked out the tracks to determine the foraging range of the nest, and the party set to create traps along the perimeter with a camp some ways back to keep Justus calm about the E.Y.F.O.U.F.O. bugs (also called “brain bugs” by some). Late in the night, a trap was indeed triggered but as the party arrived to inspect the catch they quickly found they were not the only ones to hear the alarm call.

All politics is local
Marcel, Olis, Thorne, Gabriel, Khiron, and Mr. Dwight

With the aid of the machine-spirit that Thorne seemed quite fond of, and whose secrecy Mr. Dwight seemed little concerned about maintaining, the company learned of the most promising “DOE SITE” to explore. Alas, it lay within the confines of another land known as “Iron Home”.

The information-merchant—and apparently unpleasant employer to Mr. Dwight and Khiron—Kavella offered to smuggle the party into Iron Home in exchange for dealing with some local concern in Gateway City. It seems an old friend of Mr. Dwight, a former smuggler and fellow “scruffy nerf-herder”, Matticks had taken over security at “The Wall” which controls access between the city and the docks. He was considered “too clean” for Kavella’s tastes, and we were told to solve the problem in whatever matter we wished.

After some tentative discussions, Mr. Dwight, Thorne, and Gabriel came clean with the situation and learned a it of Matticks’ situation the workings of Gateway City. His benefactor (and apparently lover) was of one of the great houses, and he suggested we come to dinner “in costume”—the locals find the armor we arrived wearing quaint. In any case, Clarrisa Nagastor was pleasant if aloof, and eventually offered to provide some method for reaching Iron Home without Kavella’s aid. She also mentioned that she would pay handsomely for “raptor eggs” should we acquire any on our journey.

A few days later a caravan master “Mr. Yezell” called upon the company, and the group set off on the road to Springfield. Travel in the wilds of this world is fraught with strange perils, as the caravan of trucks was set upon first by “tribals” on strange scorpion-horses, which had left some sort of trap in our path that Khiron set off with a quite loud explosion that in turn attracted an immense creature—dubbed “Lizard Jesus” in later retellings of the events. The company earned their keep guarding the caravan, although somewhat the worse for wear.

Cave of the Cooked Food God
Mr. Dwight, Khiron, Thorne, Marcel, and Olis

I’m never quite certain how things end up the way they do. But there we were, trying to break open some sort of DOE site in the ruins of Aimseyeohwa – somewhere in that nebulous area not quite controlled by the Hawkeye Empire, or left to rage and wreckers outside of it. The weird little muties called it the Cave of the Cooked Food God, or some shit. Fucking great. We seemed to have deactivated most of the external defenses (don’t ask how, I’m not sure I recall). But the vault door required some sort of pass-key. The weird girl,Thorne, claimed that the ancient spirit she was channeling could get us past the door – but we would need to reconfigure the ident cards the muties had given us at some OTHER Ancient Site. It seemed like a ruse to get us to leave, not sure why. But then again I’m not sure Thorne is anything but some sort of very deluded lunatic. Half of what she says is 100% horse shit the other half is so crazy that it can’t be credited. I’ve seen these “readers” at other Ancient Sites and they are difficult to spoof – but not impossible. Usually I know ahead of time and bring a Cracker, not a talent we are currently gifted with. I thought maybeKhiron had some faculty – but he gave his usual blank look. Damned fly boy. The rest of the Aldemari (them so strange foreign folks) were even more baffled. I reckoned I could try some jiggery-pokery, but most of what I do in that regard is to make holes in things or transcend space and time – ain’t none of that gonna be terribly useful in this sitch. I turned away for a second to confer with Justus about maybe rigging a door buster, and suddenly Thorne has us in. So that is neat. Not sure what happened, something to do with spirits. Why is it always fuckin’ spirits with that girl? Ain’t we got enough problems with the living? Douche-baggery on an epic scale.

So, in we go. Pretty standard layout. The important shit is going to be down and probably under further security. Fuckin’ Ancients and their preoccupation with burying things deep in the ground. Ain’t like it made a big fuckin’ difference as far as I can tell. But salvage is salvage. Or in this case, we need to figure out what the fuck happened at SITE 109. No way old Doc Cartweight can avoid us forever. And no way I can continue to put off Mr. Caville. More douche-baggery. There is shit in the complex, but down we go.

And then things get weird.

Big fuckin’ open area, lined with gantries, conduit, and all sorts of confusing shit. In the center of which are eight big fuckin’ shiny cylinders connected to all manner of glowy tubes and wires and crap. All of it pulsing with crackling blue-white light and ‘lectricity. Fuckin’ great. The Thorne girl does something stupid, I know, big shock, and turns on the party – firing off all manner of hocus-pokus. Voices in our heads coming out of the nowhere. More folk trying to beat one-another. Weird ass mental storms sweeping the chamber and frying everyone’s brains. Minotaurs? Fuck me! We finally figure out that the shiny silver cylinders are filled with old psychic brain soup that are causing all the rampant crap. Smashing the cylinders – with the accompanying spraying and dripping goo – weakens the brain attacks and allows us to incapacitate those folks that have been brain dominated and smash further cylinders. Finally, all of them are smashed and we are all plum fuckin’ beat.

It would appear that this complex is some fuckin’ Ancient bio-engineering, brain mutant making, laboratory. The fuckers intentionally hooked up a bunch of fuckin’ brains to try to make some massive fucked up brain beast. Fuck me. That went well. After all the smoke cleared we were able to find some interesting doo-dads and geegaws. Fuck if I know what they do but they are probably dangerous. But just maybe we can find some fuckin’ clues as to what the DOE was up to elsewhere.

Lead and lasers
Marcel, Olis, Thorne, Gabriel, and Khiron

The six horse-riders arrayed out in front the group claimed to be in the employ of the “King of Madrid”, but they were disinclined to provide recompense for the damage done to the hired barge. After some banter, the party engaged the men and only one got away with Marcel finding he lacked the knack for gunplay.. Unsure of the next steps, Thorne used hir heretical magics to capture and interrogate the shade of one of the gunmen which Thorne took to calling “Shell Case Pete”. He revealed more of the situation in Runnel, and warned of the power of “artillery” as well as the arrival of more reinforcements. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, the company gave Runnel a wide berth and continued on the way to Des Moines.

Arriving at what was rumored to be the town of “AIMS”, Gabriel noticed traces of what looked to be children’s tracks, and Khiron used his “etheric jets” to scout from above to confirm the group was being tailed. Setting up an impromptu shopping stall lured the strange and quite diminutive folk out from the forest. One of the folk traded for what he knew of the area, and lead the party to a strange cave they called the “cave of the cooked food god”. They told of strangers entering and only cooked bits of animals ever being recovered.

Gabriel and Khiron cautiously entered to see a long hallway that ended in a strange metal door. After some investigation, two wand-like weapons revealed themselves and began to fire invisible but highly painful burning rays down the hall. A barrage of gunfire and one of Khiron’s strange “ice bombs” damaged the mechanism sufficiently to keep them from fully cooking either of the party members. Despite Thorne’s healing efforts, the pain of the wounds remained for some time.

Bend of the River
Marcel, Olis, Thorne, Gabriel, Khiron, and Mr. Dwight

As had been arranged, the key to Cartwright’s abode lead Ser Marcel and the rest of the company to his residence: a simple but spacious apartment. After some time, Gabriel noted that the attic seemed a bit smaller than one might expect from the other floors. Mr. Dwight then used his arcane pistol—which he referred to by name as “Clementine”, so perhaps it’s actually a haunted arcane pistol—to remove some warding that hid Professor Cartwright’s secret laboratory/office from our view. Within were found a few key clues, including a collection of papers that Mr. Dwight said were contained in “plastic binders”—apparently made from the skin of dinosaurs. Thorne’s impulsive curiosity also found a secret note with some numbers, and a poison needle. Mr. Dwight used some kind of stick called a ‘detox-stick’ on hir which seemed to hurt a great deal, but also quickly dissipated the effects of whatever poison had been on the needle.

Leaving the dwelling, making sure not to take any of it’s possessions lest the strange golem guarding it take offense, the party made their way to Cartwright’s bank. Mr. Dwight used the numbers that Thorne found to gain access to a ‘safe deposit box’ and within he found a copy of Cartwright’s journal that had been left for his cousin. While leaving the bank, Gabriel noticed that one of Mr. Dwight’s rivals from the road into town was making a point of following him around town perhaps to leverage his investigation for their own profit.

After some study, it was decided to return the journal to his kin along with the key, and then the party set off up river towards a location of interest. Gabriel did not take well to water travel, and while in route the party’s boat was attacked by pirates. The attack was quickly repelled, but left the craft unable to continue the journey.

Taking to land with Khiron in the lead on some horse-like vehicle, the nearest town proved to be under the sway of the same river pirates. Taking time to parlay with their outriders, Mr. Dwight and his cousin Justice drew them out while the rest of the party lay in wait…


So there we were, innocently travelling down the body of a mostly dead, immortal snake god, when things began to get weird. The Serpent man who we freed said something wasn’t quite right ahead and told us to avoid it. Intrepid travelers we may be, but I don’t know fuck-all about changing course yig-back. Turns out, neither did anyone else. Something loomed ahead in the impossible dimension spanning snake void – weirdo, somehow orderly patterns of time-space anomaly fireworks cascaded across the infinity of the void. Avoid them! Shit. We didn’t. Fuck! Boom!

Although, maybe some of us did because when we blasted through the psychadelic hellscape – Aetheric Pulsar – we were missing our Gretta, Father Aerik, and the Snakefather.

So, disgorged from the space vagina, we behold… assholes! Not literally. Two gents in funny dress. One like a rag merchant with an odd hat, Dwight, and another with loads of strange armor and two big sticks poking out his back, Kyron. (Cowboy, Aeronaught – fuck off Chezza, mine were better)They speak like they’ve got more time than us. Everything. is reeeaal. draaawn. ouuuut. Although they do speak a wee bit closer to me than everyone else does, except for the sounding brain damaged part, although the way Olis reacts sometimes, I might give that impression as well. I definitely feel that way about you.

Also, Marcel is Possessed by the witch of Belout, so that’s neat.

So, big dome, made of shiny glowing shit that would probably be shiny even if it wasn’t glowing. Some sort of synthetic material. SITE 109. Dwigth says there’s not many lawmen in Gateway City. Sounds like a Yen Enoth analog? Are we in an alternate dimension? I explain this to them. I explain about the snake monoliths – quill through two pieces of parchment, you know the drill. Time-space vortices Also that probably, we’re not on the same page, possibly two different pages in the same book. Kiddie stuff, you know. I think Dwight gets it, but I’m not certain.

They ramble on about someone called Cartweight. He’s apparently a real DOOSH. Which means ancient and learned. Also, I’m apparently a witch here also. Dwight and Karen, Kyron? Something. They’re bounty hunters or mercs or slavers or some combination thereof. They’ve got GUNS, which are like wands, but harder to use. You have put little bits in them before they’re good for murder. Chemical, alchemical, and mechanical – cartridges. Magic can be channeled through them, Mr. Dwight knows this art.

Charon says he’s an Aeronaught, but won’t teach me how to be one also. Says it’s really hard. He’s very impressed with himself. They work for Ryquist Caville, who wanted this Cartweight. He’s going to be very cross with them, so to make up for this, they gather up all kinds of shit from inside SITE 109! CIRCUIT BOARDS, etc.

We learn about RADS – which is a unit of measuring poison in the everything.

Outside is a jungle, very beautiful, but also dangerous? We are loaded into THE BEAST. A metal golem-wagon – automobile – with an angry demon trapped inside – Aetheric Converter. They have loads of men waiting outside, which sort of work for them, but also seem hostile about not getting paid. There is a BACK HO, which is another frightful automaton.

On the way back we’re ambushed by some other assholes who laugh at Dwight when they find out he hasn’t got Cartweight. They have yet another automaton. It’s bipedal and armed with a GATLING GUN. Gatling means “kill everything.”

Dwight: “Cars can’t attack.”

The place we are is called the LEBARK MOUNTAINS. It is west of GATEWAY CITY.

Doctors wear leather. I am upgraded to a Witch/Doctor/Prostitute. Witchdoctorprostitute.

Arriving in Gateway city – which is a big bowl, filled with buildings, surrounded by fake rock walls – ferrocrete -.

I’m told not to go near the CHURCH OF THE REDEEMER because I’m posessed. But, since it’s spirits instead of demons, maybe I won’t be burned at the stake. Maybe. Fuck yes, religion is still shit, mostly.

Mayoral Palace is where the rulers live.

We go to the Inquisitive Mew. We meet the fat man and the gaunt man. Fat man is Mr. Caville. He smells of cheese and turnip, innit? Something close. Cartweight owed him money, and now he thinks that’s Dwight’s and Charken’s problem. He postures about it, makes the spooky 7 foot tall monster grab shit from the top shelves to intimidate us with his book keeping skills. All this is bollocks because clearly, what’s more important than some twat owing him money is that his men have brought him proof of inter-dimensional travel, and real life ALIENS. Because, technically, that’s what we are.

I broker an amazing deal in which tubby funds our exploration of this weird ass place, we get to explore post apocalyptic ruins – did I mention that this place had their apocalypse already? Because they did, and it wasn’t demons or summat. It was them. They blew themselves up, because reasons! – look for other aether-whatsit makers – Aetheric Pulsar and I suppose send ourselves home, or somewhere new. Fatty fat wants the tech for himself. Personally, I think Dwight and K should just use it for themselves and fuck the creep, but we don’t care because we’ll have gone through the portal on to whatever comes next.

There’s an arch in the river filled with ghosts and some “stupid flying god.” “SPIRIT OF SAINT LOUIS!”

There’s only one moon. It’s called THE MOON, which is rubbish. I name it Lawrence. It likes it. You all saw that it does.

I bought loads of clothes. I am now PUNK ROCK. This is a very worthwhile thing to be. I will be getting various things pierced. This pleases me.

We go to the voluptuous pint glass or whatever. Stein? Swan? They’ve got whores and drugs. I’m a witchdoctorprostitute, so I get pissed and defile myself to an extent that impresses even me. I AM WHOLE, give unto me all the whores! Chezza likes it. Are you sure it’s not just your idea of Chezza who you’re pretending likes it? Pretty sure, the lines are almost gone, way past blurred. This is healthy.

We go to the University where Cartweight worked. I incorporate Professor Frederick whitehorse Hernandez, pre-columbian Archaeologist. He worked in Cartweight’s office before the world blew up. He’s definitely a DOUCHE – he knows how to spell it.

I speak like I’m from GREAT BRITAIN. Which must be the best place on this world.

Cartweight was researching DOE sights, which aren’t places where they’ve loads of female deer. It’s DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY. I learn about the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which was the king before the Boom! POTUS was a very powerful wizard and he had a council of other wizards which helped him run USA. I think he was worried that they’d try and take power from him, because he kept them in an enchanted cabinet, which he could enter, and meet with them to share their wisdom. Anyway, the DOE Wizard maybe created all the portal sites. So we’ve got to seek them out and find another one.

Guy named Oppenheimer created the ATOMIC BOMB. When he did, he said “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” Yep. Asshole.

So, loads of places to go. West of PUEBLO – Cannibals there. TRINITY SITE, where they made the bombs. NORAD. TENNESSEE VALLEY. GROOM LAKE in NEVADA. This is where the alphabet men made secret plans.

By the way. The reason Oppenheimer made the bombs. Everybody in the world was at war with these guys called the NOT-Zs. Really awful, killed everybody and yelled. Put JEWS in ovens for no good reason. They had skulls on their hats, so really awful. Anyway, they made bombs so that nobody like that ever happened again and ended up probably using them against one of the groups that helped them fight the NOT-Zs. THE REDS!

Putz means cousin.

The ancients could infuse life into things – “The Adam”

We need to go to Cartweight’s TOWNHOUSE and his SAFE-DEPOSIT-BOX.

Everyone here is as crazy as me. Maybe not as smart, though.


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