Wiertof Bosko

NPC Scout


1 Communication: Animal Handling
2 Constitution: Stamina
1 Cunning: Herb Lore, Natural Lore
3 Dexterity: Bows, Stealth
0 Magic
2 Perception: Seeing, Tracking
2 Strength: Bludgeons
1 Willpower: Courage
Speed: 13; Health: 40; Defense 13; Armor Rating: 1d6

Hunting Knife 1 to hit/1d63 damage
Warhammer 4 to hit/2d63 damage
Longbow 5 to hit/2d63 damage, Short: 50 yards, Long: 100 yards

Archery Style (Novice): Aim action, +2 to hit.
Armor Training (Novice): Wear light leather, heavy leather, or light mail without a Dex penalty. Armor penalty for Heavy Mail is halved (rounded down).
Weapon Groups: Bludgeons, Bows, Brawling.

Equipment: Ringmail Byrnie (Max Damage 30), Warhammer, hunting knife & sheath, longbow, quiver of 20 arrows, clothing, adventuring gear.

Dolmni – the language of the “Eastern Barbarians” – your native language. You speak the Jol tribal dialect.
Hrondene – the language of the “Civilized Westerners” of the Hanzmir Empire. Ostensibly this is the rest of the party – whom you work for/with.


A bit darker haired and swarthier than most folk of the Dolmni tribes, Wiertof is … to be continued

Wiertof Bosko

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