Ser Marcel von Langer

holy knight of the Order of Saint Dagon


Communication 2 (Leadership, Etiquette)
Constitution 2 (Stamina)
Cunning 1 (Heraldry, Military Lore)
Dexterity 1 (Riding, Brawling, Initiative, Bows)
Magic 1
Perception -1
Strength 3 (Heavy Blades, spears)
Will 2 ( Courage, Self Discipline, Faith)
Reputation 0
Social Status 4

Warrior 1
Speed 8
Defense 13 (med shield +2)
Armor: 7 (Heavy Mail)
Health 34
Age: early 30shk.png

Backgrounds: Paige, Squire, Knight

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Heavy Blades, Bows, Spears
Talents: Weapon & Shield Style(novice), Armor Training(novice)

Equipment: Longsword(2d6), Spear 1d6+3, crossbow 1d6+2 (30yds, 60yds -2), heavy mail, medium shield, horse


The second son of a second son of the noble house von Langer. His father, Friedred was in service to a Bishop. After serving as a page within the Bishop’s household, Marcel was squired to Herr Adalthar Kotchter — a vassal of Bishop Oduard. When the Archbishop of Albangvord declared Ban (a mini-crusade) against the Jachassi tribe of Jilmamark (in the Eastern Marches), Herr Adalthar joined and served with the Knight-Order of Saint Dagon. While fighting against the Jachassi Marcel earned his knighthood. A cloud hangs over the mission against the Jachassi with instances of outright atrocities committed by members of the Order against the barbarians. Marcel had a falling out with Herr Adalthar and was sent back to the Order’s Chapter House in Hätmandorf.

Since then, Marcel has gone on various missions for Chapter Commander Hondstern. Most signifcantly, clearing the ruined keep at Volfertam for the Abbott of Zinding. The ancient keep was presumed to be infested by particularly vile brigands being led by a demon-possessed person. A dozen men-at-arms, a grizzled soldier, and a local hunter comprised the Abbott’s contingent. Things didn’t go quite as anticipated – most of men-at-arms perished in the attempt and both the grizzled soldier and the local hunter were grievously wounded. You were able to report back to the Abbott that Volfertam was successfully “cleansed”, but felt honor bound to see to the healing of your companions. They along with a curious “hermit” to whom you had developed a certain fondness accompanied you back to Hätmandorf.

The Commander was suitably impressed with how Marcel and his companions acquitted themselves and encouraged him to take the commoners into his service.

Marcel has a deep faith and conviction that he is destined for a great purpose if only he can maintain his faith and be patient and courageous when the time comes.

Ser Marcel von Langer

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