Ryquist Caville

Criminal Mastermind of Gateway City


A vast corpulent man, whose body is covered by strange tumorous lesions he acquired when exposed to a Death Storm in his youth. His countenance is as well-known through the city as his reputation. He is runs an import / export company (The Inquisitive Moue) which regularly sponsors expeditions to far off places in search of salvage and artifacts form the Lost World. It is rumored that he also is the head of the Black Market, with connections to racketeering, protection scams, prostitution, trafficking in stolen goods and other nefarious activities. All attempts to confirm this have come to naught – with several high profile disappearances among the constabulary and rumors of bribes to district representatives.

As a result of all of this, The Moue is a rather infamous location; its mahogany bookshelves, railings and door separating out the odd and the outstanding from a bygone age. The place smells of age and wealth as the gold stenciling on the door deters the casual browser with its promise of high prices and exclusive clientele.

Mr. Caville is always accompanied by a mute called simply Mr Gaunt, a tall gangly individual who takes in the events of his surroundings. Some claim he is muscle, but others say he is something else entirely, a recorder. It is said Mr. Gaunt has an eidetic memory and records every detail of every conversation that occurs in his presence in a journal using a cipher only known to himself and Mr. Caville.


Ryquist Caville

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