Olis Veit

Grizzled Veteran (Stabsfeldwebel)


Olis Veit
Level 7 Warrior-Myrmidon
Height: 6’0" Weight: 190# Eye: Blue Hair: Light brown and gray

Accuracy 2
Communication 0 (bargaining, leadership, language-dolmnic)
Constitution 2 (drinking)
Dexterity 4
Fighting 4 (axes, spears)
Intelligence 0 (military lore)
Perception 0 (tracking)
Strength 2 (might)
Willpower 0 (courage, morale, self discipline)

Reputation ?
Social 1

Weapon Groups: brawling, axes, spears, bludgeons, heavy blades
Initiative +4
Defense 14
Speed 12

novice Armor Training
journeyman Pole Weapon Style
novice Thrown Weapon Style
journeyman Quick Reflexes

Medium Ballistic Armor (AR5, penalty -2)
Spear of Podaga +6 (2d6plus2)
Battle Axe +6 (2d6plus2)
Gauntlet +4 (1d6plus3)
Heavy Pistol (not trained) +0 (3d6) range 6/12, minor to reload


The first son inherits the business in a merchant family. The second son would get some amount of education and become a priest or a scholar. Olis, being the third son, was shipped off early to have a military care. Due to his exceptional strength, Olis survived many deadly encounters early on. He gradually rose through the ranks over the years gaining more training, more aches and scars, more responsibilities, and more cynicism. After 15 years of service, he earned a farming land grant and technically retired from what he calls the stupidity of the nobles. For the next 5 years he earned his keep as a free mercenary, choosing his battles wisely. Of course, it is an inherently dangerous business.

Olis Veit

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