An Aeronaut Warrior


Name: Khiron VaanAstor

Description: A Creative Psionic(Magical) Explorer who conducts Weird Science
Background: New Manhattenite-Belongs to a secretive society

Statistics EXP: 8 Used
Might: 15 Might Edge: 1
Speed: 18 Speed Edge: 3 8
Intellect: 15 Intellect Edge: 2 4
Cypher Use: 2 Effort: 4

Skills: Practiced with Any Weapon, Trained in Firearms, Grenades, Heavy Slashing
Practiced with Any Armor, Speed Cost 1
Speed Defense, Closed Mind: Intellect Defense and +2 INT Armor
Speed Trained-Climb, Balance, Jump, Balance, Pick Locks, Drive Land, Sea, Air, Escape
Intellect Trained
Barter, Search, Listen, Research, Narrative, Riddles, Problem Solving,
Alchemy, Aetheric Technology, Multidimensional Physics, Scavenge, Cryptography

Abilities: Creative Scavenging-Create various devices
Hedge “Magic” Psionic powers/Weird Science Flavor, his clothes are always clean and he
has the appropriate camouflage as needed, he can fix anything, project minor
holograms, move small object with his mind and/or a tractor/repulsor device…
Wreck: Two handed Weapons, -1 to Hit, 3 Damage, Trained to damage objects/barriers
Enable Others
Fetch (3 Int)-Teleport object (fits inside 2m cube)
Force at a Distance (4
Int) Lift 2x mass, 1 level effort x2 mass
Controlled Fall-1 Diff. per 20 feet, Speed Roll, ½ damage; Reduce to 0, No Damage
Distance Viewing (5 Int)-Project senses to previous location, 1 hour, Roll if Warded
Range Increase-1 step increase
Incredible Health: Immunity to Disease, Virus, Mutation, Radiation
Lab Analysis (3 Int)-Take samples, learn information
Modify Devices (4 Int)-Add 1 level, depletes 1-5 on d20 roll
Better Living through Chemistry (4 Int)-Add 2 to an Edge, 1 Minute, After Edge cost +1

Weird Science: Minor Effect: Learn 1 additional detail Major Effect: Daze all, increase Dif. 1 step

Inability: Trusting-Cannot detect lies or falsehoods

Weapons: Black Ship Armor (Medium as Light) with Communications Units
Grenades- Fire 6 Continuous
Lightning 6 Penetrating
Ice 4 Damage & ½ Move,
Smoke Causes Dim Lighting
Heavy Pistol 6, Long Range
Back Up Pistol-Medium 4
Flechette Rifle 4, No damage against solid objects
Psionic Wave Pistol Level 4, AoE INT Damage for 1d6 rounds, fails 1 in 10
Scimitar 4
Throwing Axes 4
Glaive 6

Equipment: Supply Satchel-Rope, Climbing Gear, Survival Gear & rations, Duct Tape, Canteen,
Flashlight, Binoculars, Gas Mask, Sample of Child Killer Mushrooms

Cyphers: Regenerative Level 4 Might
Damage 10 Pistol 10 Speed

Remain XP: 7

Activate a Special Ability
Do Something Else-Climb, Guard, Heal
Helping-Reduce Difficulty by one level
Complementary Action-Work with another character
Distraction-Make target difficulty one step to detriment
Draw the Attack-May need to make Int Roll
Take the Attack-Take attack increase damage by 1
The Old One-Two-Three If three people attack +1 to hit
High and Low-If hit by melee and ranged target, targets next action difficulty modified by 1 to its detriment
Covering Fire-Aim near purposely miss and cause difficulty to target

Left on the Ship
Flight Suit Artifact
Assault Rifle-Heavy 6, Rapid Fire, Long Range
Carbine-Medium 4, Rapid Fire
Lightweight Broken Earth Body Armor (Medium, Speed as Light)
Light Aetheric Tool Kit
Light Alchemical Tool Kit
First Aid Kit
Backpack, Bedroll, Rope, Clothing

Left on Broken Earth
Glaive 6
Battle Axe 4
Communications Gear
Piles of Electronics Scavenge
Computer with portal plans
Quantum Couple Material
Vial of Universal Lubricant-Frictionless, level 8, Artifact fails 1 on a D20
Elis-Class 3 AI
Anti-Gravity Repulsor Lifter
Needed Fusion Reactor

Group Cyphers
Stealth Boy, Level 5 Bracelet, User is rendered invisible for 5 minutes.
Smart Watch, Level 6 , Memory Record, Record 30 seconds and store it in long term memory
Pill of Answers, Level 9, Provides the answer to one question
Faceworm, Level 6, For 1 Hour gain 360 degree vision
Vigor Potion Level 5
Sphere-1/2 mile remote viewer
Water Purification-Remove Toxin 1d6
Universal Lock 1d6+4
Rod of Immobility Level 3, Rank of advantage against those used on
Matter Remitter-Level 4, reshapes 1 medium dift. 1+ level of Object

Map of Old Boston, various scavenged items from for sale from Ames, scavenged general laboratory supplies (Microscope…)


Khiron grew up someplace else but ended up on the streets of the world where he made his way as best he could as and outcast and criminal until he was taken in by a Mercenary Captain and trained to be a warrior. He proved adept at the task and now has masted the flying Aeronauts suit. With the retirement of his mentor he seeks his own way in the world as he tries to uncover more about his mysterious past.


Annals of Aldamere Drakanban