Gretta (Gretchen Guntersdottir aus Schwartzenwald)

Secret Mage who fled to a troupe to survive


Needs to be redone for Fantasy Age


Age: mid twenties
Description: (version 1. Needs to be updated)

Gretta was raised in Fachenhölz by a normal, boring, middle class, trades family. It was a loving home, where she learned the basics of city life and given a reasonable education that her family could afford. At 10 she was apprenticed off to one of the city merchant houses under Master Erhardt where she learned literacy and nummenancy for an alchemist and potion distributor.

All was going as planned, she was developing into a young woman, and was considered a promising prospect for one day becoming a useful trade factor for the house when disaster struck; a catburglar entered the premises one night while she was doing inventory. He has heard rumors of a shipment of carved ivory from the far south was traveling though this warehouse. The presence of a young woman for dalliance or perhaps the slave block was just an added bonus. Needless to say, he didn’t expect to have his brain melted by an Arcane bolt of raw power.

The night watchman, who arrived at the same time did the sensible thing; he ran for the local office of the Templars screaming a Witch was killing people in the city!

Gretta fled the scene to the home of her Master who did her perhaps the greatest kindness he could, allow her to collect her things and flee instead of turning Gretta in to the watch.

She then spent the next few months surviving as best she could as a Vagabond. It was about what you would expect for a 15 year old young woman thrown to the streets. But she survived until she found a way to a travelling Carnival. who agreed to hire her as a Carney Magnet. Soon she graduated from pretty face to more important roles, succeeding as a Performer and Actress for a time.

Eventually she got to know Erik Drommond who it turned out was a Secret Mage who used his abilities help the carnival in various ways. Soon she became his apprentice,under the cover story that they were an ‘item’. Soon Gretta became on the of the actresses of the troupe, learning several popular roles. She also became a valued member of the troupe with her ability with a Healers Kit.

Sadly, all good things come to an end. You see Erik had a previous apprentice, a man named Karns. It turns out that Erik had dismissed Karns upon discovering Gretta. He
stuck around for a time, but left the Troupe in bitterness. Eventually Kerns allowed his bitterness to consume himself, making him easy prey for hubris and corruption. Soon he was an engine of the Profane, carving a path of destruction on a beeline toward Wolleren the Troupes current stop.

The Arson of Wolleren saw Erik and Karns in a bitter battle. As this battle raged a Demon Hunter accompanied by The Party arrived and entered the melee. Gretta also was forced to enter the fray, to no avail. Soon Erik, Karns and the Hunter were all dead as well and a large number of civilians and members of the Troupe.

Bereft of options, Gretta asked The Party if they could use another Mage in their ranks. They (perhaps reluctantly) agreed, and once again Gretta, with whatever clothes and possessions she could throw on her horse, had left the scene before the Wolleren guard arrested them all on principle.

Gretta (Gretchen Guntersdottir aus Schwartzenwald)

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