Father Aerik

An artist and priest in service to Lord Mercel


Father Aerik has brown hair and green eyes. He has a full head of hair, which he wears long, typically in a pony-tail. He has fairly standard squarish features and but is fairly lithe for a Hrondian. Father Aerik wears a chestnut brown cloak over a light brown outer robe that extends to his knees. Under this he wears light brown leather armor and dark brown boots with a light brown shirt. He carries a small shield and war hammer concealed in his cloak and what looks like a staff strapped across his back is actually a composite long bow. He carries three concealed throwing daggers as back-up weapons.

Hailing from Erlenburg, where he was a mischievous and sneak young child, prone to getting into trouble. Father Aerik was eventually brought into and trained by the Order of the White Star, a support order for the Holy Knights of the Sun-in-Glory. He was trained as a chirurgen as well as how to fight but his main interest was in calligraphy and art. He has studied many old esoteric Solaran manuscripts and has learned much from them. Exiled from Erlenburg due to some sort of scandal his mentor, Father Humboldt arranged for his placement with Lord Mercel due to his connection with Bishop Baldewin Rolter an old friend of his in Hatmandorf.

Father Aerik

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