Annals of Aldamere

Welcome to fun town

Ser Marcel, Olis, Thorne, Gabriel, Khiron, Mr. Dwight

While taking stock of the company’s options for dealing with the “Iowans” partying loudly into the wee hours outside the walls of Mountain View, Mr. Dwight got an itchy trigger finger and set out to snipe “The Karl”. His patience was rewarded, and the well-placed shot tore into the huge man’s shoulder. Alas, the Karl had some sort of “etheric warding” and the wound was not fatal. It did, however, prove to be highly disruptive to their festivous mood.

Khiron prepared more contributions, and Gabriel worked his way into plant it in and among their ‘speaker truck’. Gabriel’s efforts to go unnoticed as an intruder proved a bit too effective, however, and was pulled into the event as a participant. The explosion was at once both awe-inspiring, and deeply disturbing. Attempting to get away, Gabriel ducked into the cab of one of important supply vehicles, but being unfamiliar with the controls ended up crashing it into the walls of Mountain View. At this point, all hell broke lose and the party became a violent mob.

Khiron and Thorne joined the fray, with Mr. Dwight contributing layers of ice onto the truck which turned out to be full of a volatile liquid. Ultimately the party was successful in turning back the frenzied attack, while a not insignificant portion of the Iowans packed up.

With the siege broken in a messy and violent manner, the company enjoyed the quiet hospitality of Mountain View, and choice pickings of their salvage—the damage to the walls was offset by the readily available supply of high-grade fuel. Alas, there was little of the sought-after rare element, so the party continued on to Hot Springs.

Hot Springs proved to a prosperous town, and there we were pointed to a metallurgist named Edwin. There was no real leads on “palladium metal” to be found there, but we were pointed to the town Little Rock as another possible site. Before leaving, the party stop in old Hot Springs and found the remains of a great, broken damn. Scouting the area, Mr. Dwight noticed an overgrown entrance. Gabriel saw traces of some animal, perhaps a large cat, in the area as well.



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