Annals of Aldamere

The Wild Goat Chase

Ser Marcel, Olis, Gretta, Thorne, Gabriel

Having taken a moment to recover and search the bodies of the leader, shaman, and the other goatkin felled in the clearing, the party pressed on to find the source of the stench. It was the goatkin camp that that two fleeing goatkin had quickly tossed as they retreated further down the valley. Calling it a camp is a bit generous since it was essentially a sewer with some bedding in it. The shaman’s bedding, however, turned up some strange items of interest to our Chirurg: a tin flask of some minty liquid, a stoppered gourd with some foul perhaps poison, a leather bundle with some herbal paste, and a cloth bundle with a strange copper relic. The camp also contained the tortured and desecrated remains of the goatkin we had tracked to the outskirts of Albugang, perhaps being made an example of for having revealed their presence.

Setting fire the remains of the camp, the party retreated up to the ridge above the valley for a cold night at least away from the filth of the brimstone spring and the haunting spirits by the lake. Some shade was in the area, perhaps the spirit of the goatkin shaman, but it never made itself known to any but Thorne and Gretta.


The next morning, Gabriel and the hound Borz picked up the trail of the fleeing goatkin which lead deeper into the valley. After a full days tracking, a hill troll awaiting game killed one of the goatkin while the other fleed for it’s miserable life. Backing up a bit for the night, the hill troll came up on the party to try to quickly dispatch a helpless victim, but was greeted with torches and missile fire, The troll was able to escape into the darkness, but had been thoroughly discouraged by the lack of an easy meal. The skirmish did leave Ser Marcel’s armor in poor shape, and Olis was quite annoyed at being unable to put the beast down for good.

Once again picking up the trail of the remaining goatkin, the party followed it as it meandered with seemingly little purpose of direction—perhaps because it lacked any kind of guideance with it’s tactical and spiritual leaders dead. Rather than continue the seemingly fruitless pursuit of the lone creature, the party set off in the direction of the local village of Winnownorg.



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