Annals of Aldamere

The warmest inn in winter

Olis, Marcel, Thorne, Gabriel, Gretta

With the return of “His Nibbs”, the Knight Marcel’s men had been found to have not been entirely idle in his absence by having dealt with some bandits on the road. Ser Knight was promptly paid the bounty of 10 silver pfennigs a head for their efforts—after all, such sum of coin would only cause trouble if given to a gaggle of commoners without their lord about to keep them in line.

While preparing to embark upon a new errant mission for the Bishop to put down bandits harassing pilgrims on the road from Onslo to Röttes, the party spoke to a number of individuals about town. Not much of direct relevance was discovered of the Robber Baron in question, but they did hear rumors of the Tarn Helm, a magic object of note in the area for which the Luger Bank offered a reward.

In an unrelated matter, a glover in Hätmandorf wanted Ser to settle some minor Guild matter elsewhere in Leislau which did not strike him as proper Knight Errant business—despite some fierce desire in our erstwhile librarian for the fine wares on display.

On the morn, the Knight and his entourage set off on the road to Onslo. The travel was uneventful save a brief encounter with “Fay Forest Trolls” which turned out to be bison.

Arriving at the village of Ubrutswellen putting up for the night at the Inn, the party spent the evening listening to fine music, ginning up the prejudices of the locals, and examining the strange Idol of Central Heating.


Dearest Gabriel,

We think you are glossing over the matter of greatest import in this entire, regrettable affair. That of our failure to procure the fine ferret gloves. This tragedy will not go unanswered!

The warmest inn in winter

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