Annals of Aldamere

The room with a view

Ser Marcel, Olis, Thorne, Gabriel, Khiron, Mr. Dwight

“Giant salmon badgers… Very dangerous… You go first.”

Scouting deep into the bowels of the dam lead Marcel and company into a great chamber—Khiron referred to it as the turbine room—which a number of strange aquatic creatures had made their lair. Exploring the area as Gabriel kept a close watch on the creatures, Mr. Dwight used his arcane magics to locate a source of the rare element palladium, which lead the party up to a ‘control room’. There the hunt for the reagent came to end not because we found what we had looked for, but instead we found what we really needed: a very detailed map.

The map in the ancient control room of the “Military Power District” revealed many secrets, even more once Khiron was able to provide it with additional power. The party found locations and details on a number of “DOE” sites scattered throughout the mountain range, including the most intriguing “Mt. Tabor High Energy Site” which was not in fact where we had found the infestation of EYFOB.

After taking some time to take detailed notes from the map, as well as securing the information by changing the map’s “display mode”, the party then set about leaving the ruins. Unfortunately, the local creatures took much more interest in the party attempting to leave than they did when the party first entered—perhaps they had grown bored. In any case, the pack of animals (maybe part fish or salmon? part badger or wolverine?) attacked and the company as forced to respond with violence. Mr Dwight’s gun lanced out with arcane power, Thorne froze one creature solidly with hir’s Weird Ways, and Olis and Ser Marcel fought back the razor-sharp claws with spear and sword and shield.

As the company emerged from underground, a powerful storm was coming down from the mountains which necessitated finding secure shelter. Just down the road was a sturdy survival shelter that Khiron and Mr. Dwight said had likely been built by Mor-mons. While it provided more than adequate shelter for the company and Mr. Dwight’s vehicle for the night, a chamber beneath proved to be infested with something deeply malevolent. Even Thorne was shaken by the encounter as some things were never meant to be found. Arcane bolts, fire, and even holy blasts were needed to again lay it to rest.

Once the storm passed, the group returned to Hot Springs to prepare for an extended trip on foot into the mountains. The party secured provisions, drove up as far as possible in the Beast, and then set out on foot. There they were greeted on the road by a prospector making haste back the way from whence they came…



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