Annals of Aldamere

The Best Laid Plans of Rats and Spiders

Olis, Marcel, Thorne, Gabriel

The leader of the ratfolk—Azholt—, left Geytha, a woman of the ratfolk clan, as our hostage saying he would return to his people to negotiate in good faith with Thorne. Naturally it was a lie, but the parley did result in a basic layout of the immediate area and some sense of what the Chogma, the name the ratfolk use for the spider creatures, were doing. Githa said they had hired the ratfolk to kidnap the village children, but what they wanted them for was only a guess. The Chogma were angry at having been driven from their temple many years ago, and so it seemed revenge was their motivation.

The company retraced the path taken by the ratfolk leader to their den, a strange blue room which they had quickly tossed and headed back to the Chogma’s main area—at least as far as Githa understood the layout. Ser Marcel, fearing that a lack of immediate and swift justice would lead to the demise of the children, pressed the party to advanced despite fearing of an ambush in waiting. With some trepidation, Gabriel scouted the path and readied the party as best as could be done.

In the next chamber which proved to be some kind of ritual chamber, the Chogma fighters and priest, along with several ratmen with bows, lay in wait. The battle was intense, but while many of their number were injured and the leader driven off, few were killed. Borz was grievously injured protecting Ser Marcel, and Gabriel braved the front line to pull him back to safety. Olis and Ser Marcel stood firm, but the battle turned sour and the party retreated back down the corridor having at least seen the enemy eye-to-eye-to-eye-to-eye…

Githa had retreated back to their den, but was waiting there when the party pushed their way back through the secret door, closing it against a great wave of insects filling the tunnel. Catching their breath, the company debated what to do next. Retreating from the temple seemed the only real option, but likely spelled the doom of any village children still alive somewhere in the complex as it would be difficult to regain what ground had been earned…

It was then that Gabriel feel to his knees and began to entreat the aid of St Lulejta, beseeching the long suffering Lady to heal Olis and Ser Marcel of their wounds, and bring to them renewed vigor so that we may press on for the sake of the innocent. His earnest prayer did not go unheeded as the room burst into heavenly light, filling all with awe and renewed strength to continue on with the mission.


Who noted what was taken from the Rat’s Lair?


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