Annals of Aldamere

Tennessee Travels

Olis, Marcel, Gabriel, Khrion

We couldn’t understand because we were too far… and could not remember because we were traveling in the night of first ages, those ages that had gone, leaving hardly a sign… and no memories.

As we had been warned of potential problems at Bakersville, the company pulled up to a small hamlet before to inquire about goings-on and defenses. The locals had little to offer but fish and mentions of spotlights, so it was decided to approach at night by stealth. The travel was slow, with Olis and Marcel pushing the boat along by poling which was greatly aided by a silent device created by Khiron to provide some additional thrust. Just before turning the bend that lead to Bakersville, Gabriel took to the shore and climb up a hill to provide a higher vantage point, and looking down saw that Bakersville itself was under siege. The company decided to take advantage of the distraction and was able to pass by unnoticed by both attackers or defenders.

The next stop, Buckville, turned out to be a substantial trading city. Khiron enjoyed some time in the bazar securing more odds & ends for his tinkering, while the rest of the company enjoyed some land-based fare and a solidly still bed for the night The Harbormaster noted that Nashville might have some interesting salvage which peaked Khiron’s interest, but was the wrong direction for our current travel plans.

The next morning the party set off up river to Savannah, a little river-village that was neither friendly nor as it turned out particularly healthy. Khiron noted that the area was surrounded by ancient holding tanks both near full of ‘old world gasoline’ and leaking slowly into the river. Decided that those downriver should be warned, the party backtracked to inform the Buckville Harbormaster and Mayor, then returned up river careful to avoid any open flames near Savannah.

A few more days up-river brought the company to Pickwick Dam, a fortress of a town that operating still-function water locks that—for a handsome fee—moved boats up above the dam. Another town full of scavengers keep Khiron entertained. Gabriel also noted a odd group of scavengers, which locals said were well-equipped and hailed from Gateway City.

Heading across the great lake behind the dam the next day, the travel was relatively smooth until reaching the outskirts of Huntsville, where the flooded ruins of the town made for slow-going. Spending the night in the company with some local salvaging groups as provided some mutual projection from “feral mankin” that claimed the area as their own.

After a bit more travel, the party put in at Scottsboro. With a few hours of our arrival, however, Ser Marcel, Olis, and Khiron were arrested for a crime they did not commit…


Seems a bit of something or other which happened in Scottsboro got missed.

Tennessee Travels

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