Annals of Aldamere

Stealing Quantums or I'm Unique, love me!

After loads of debate, we decided on a plan. Sort of. The first part of a plan, that if it doesn’t go completely shit, we’ll maybe do a second part that involves getting the fusion reactor.

So, part the first. Sneak into the “compound”, go into the steam tunnels – thus circumventing most of the Fat man tall man mercs – use Dr. Pendleton’s memory to find the quantum computer whatever, steal it, sneak back out, then maybe do part two, which is summon Mutant trolls to murder the mercs and/or steal there boat and laugh at them as we run off with it. Easy peasy.

So to do this, Gabriel determined that we needed to sneak through a “parking structure” which apparently is a great big bloody square building, a bit like a fortress, where the pre-bomb people chucked their cars when they weren’t using them. Because they all had one, like, all of them. Sometimes more than one. Nutters.

So getting through that was a bit of a trick because it had a thing that could sense us and raised an alarm which summoned guards, but Gabriel hid from them. Lucky that we’ve got new improved future Marcel now. Arden used his flying dog robot to spoof the eye sensor thing and Bob’s your uncle. We snuck through the garage. Then there was an overly long bit about not wanting to open doors because they would be loud and obvious to the guards atop the fortress.. erm, garage. So Gabriel spent a lot of time sneaking around to find a vent opening, broke it open, snuck through it, almost got chopped up by a fan, etc. We followed him in – am I the only one who thinks all this was more attention drawing than jimmying a door? – into a power plant thing, I think? We found another locked door and everyone treated it like it was covered in poison and spawning demons with their mum’s faces on. So I used my handy dandy lockpicking skills to bust it open. Because I’m the master of unlocking things, didn’t you know?

We definitely haven’t ever picked a lock prior to that. How did you do it? This requires study.

We’ll get to that, but I’ve always been great at locks, everyone knows that.

So, lots of stairwells and avoidance later, another heroic lock-picking and voilà, Quantum whatever room. Quantum material computers apparently are comprised of two bits that are actually one bit, but you can look at them separately. Something about entanglement. I get the sense that they’re like two versions of the same thing but from different realities, like Marcel, except they’re somehow both in this reality. Dunno how they’re made. They’re housed in some kind of goo and here are on opposite sides of a room.

We spent a bit of time worrying at how to get both things. Then Arden just scooped one up. Except! Except that when he did, we could see Marcel on the other side of the room picking up the other one in a sort of reality bubble. When others stepped near the Quantum what we saw other versions of them. Gabriel’s a lady and dead sexy in the other place, Olis is friendly looking and not grizzled. I’m… nothing. When I stepped close there wasn’t another me. Which really just confirms something that I’ve suspected for a while now! Chezza?

Pertaining to the mortality inducing incident caused by our uncle’s ritual, Erasmus and my memory is hazy about certain details. We each remember dying as the entity used us as a door. We each remember arriving at the house later and being inhabited by the other’s spirit. We each remember parts of our magical training and our time as a highwayman. It is unclear who died and who lived. One possible explanation for this might be that when the ritual of summoning went wrong, the fabric of reality was torn. Imarcel/Arden’s existence seems to suggest that in each reality, there is the potential for another version of a given entity, existing simultaneously. Without knowing the vastness of the Multiverse, it is impossible to say how many versions of a given entity exist across how many dimensions. During the botched summoning ritual, I postulate that somehow, “Thorne” became a unique being, unmirrored in other places but touching upon each, having something of each possible Erasmus or Francesca that were somehow destroyed or “consolidated” when the merging occurred. This would explain our propensity for thoughts and ideas, even memories that don’t seem to belong to us. It would explain spontaneous lockpicking, and the fodder for Erasmus’s endless prattle. It would also suggest there may be significantly more living in here that we previously reckoned.

Or it could just be some weird shit that we don’t have an explanation for. Either way. I like feeling special, so I’m going with Chezza’s theory. Anyway, we got the stuff. There was a weird moment where we pulled cases and things from the other reality, but everything just sort of seemed to resolve itself into one once we put both inside their cases. Best not to think to hard about that. Now to just steal the Fusion generator and we’re set. To do something.



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