Annals of Aldamere

Holes in the middle of things

A conversation happened afterward. ..

Before, ELIS suggested something about Somewhere, everywhere and nowhere. Or, reality, all possible realities and the negation of such. She also suggested a pattern of “consensus” versus nihilism with anarchy thrown in to stir the pot. She suggested that this happens across causality. But, examining that now, what does it actually mean? Society develops to the point where it’s goal is the wellbeing of the majority and then a faction opposes it. Or the nihilists win and that quasi-utopia never happens.

Lets take one step back and look at it another way: species evolve into forms capable of living harmoniously with their environment or they don’t, and perish. That seems fairly natural.

Or, it’s possible that intelligent life changes all that and there really is an insidious pattern of nihilistic destruction spreading across all of reality. If that’s true, then we have to ask why? What force would be responsible for that? Would there be a force in opposition? Are our travels being influenced by that force? To what end?

Take someone like Arden. He gained the means to travel through time and dimensions and every one he goes to is on the brink of annihilation. Does that mean everywhere is, or is he being ‘sent’ to places that are on the brink of destruction on purpose? To save them? To stop the trend? Again, by whom?

So the conversation with Mr. Dwight. Who claims not to be a nihilist, but offered a negation at all of our assertions of any sort of force or design to our travels. Given where he’s from and what he used to do, it makes sense that he views things this way. What I don’t think we got across was the separation from our theory from a sense of divinity or destiny. I suppose if I had I had it to argue with him again, I’d say this: If the multiverse is a sort of organism or system and it’s been infected with this nihilistic urge, perhaps tossing us out into the unknown is it’s way of trying to fix the problem? Of course, Mr. Dwight could be right and this is just our way of trying to make our existence more meaningful than it actually is. But it IS meaningful, isn’t it? The things we’ve done, those are not what constitute a standard path through life. I don’t think I want or need it to be all part of some grand plan. But I’d like to think maybe we’re moving toward something.

But I can’t say any of that to him, because he’s fucking gone. He was my friend, even though he was exasperating, and now he’s gone, and I can’t even grieve with anyone because they either don’t remember him or think he’s perpetually taking a shit. So, Mr. Dwight, wherever you are, I hope you’re wrong and I hope the universe has a use for all of us and yours is glorious and strange, like you were.




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