Annals of Aldamere

From the diary of Harper O'Dell

Entry One
So there we was. Enjoyin’ a new batch of tea – this week with some mango from the grove down the back’a’ways and some mint from the Solway community plot. Ma, Dad, Pappy, little Jim. It was almost a perfect day. A truck done drove up and out came a giant of a man. Dad went and ran over and started yellin’ at all of us to run. Then there was a shot rung out and he fell. I hit the dirt and started scramblin’ in the door. Ma went down next. Little Jim tried to grab Pappy but he took a couple of rounds too. So I ran. Ran with Pappy’s eyes on me sayin’ “go child. We’ll be fine.” I knewed that was a lie. So I ran. I ran down the hallway as splinters danced in the sunlight. I ran as I got to the safe room as I heard the livin’ room blowed up, flames kissin’ my cheek. I ran down the ladder and pulled the hatch closed knowing there ain’t noone gonna follow me down here in a game of chase Harper never no more cause I could smell the smoke, and feel the shakes, and knew nobody ain’t gonna catch me again.

Entry Two
So I waited a couple of days eatin’ old Z-bars and pickles, but realized that I couldn’t stay hidden forever. So I went out the side door and took a looksee. I crept out onto the hill in the back forty which gave me a good view of Solway and the River. I done saw that the Solway walls were down and the town was burnin. The interestin’ thing was that it looked like a 3 way fight; the Bigg’uns in their trucks vs the Town vs some camo guys on the bridge. At the end of it all the Bigg’uns got into the town and the ridge blowed up. I decided that was enough ta watch, knowin’ my friends probably just got et, so I went to the garden, filled the ’barrow with veggies and eggs and went back into the bunker.

Entry Three
Two weeks. I’ve been doin’ nightly trips out – brought some of the chickens into the bunker. Ma and dad would’ve tanned my backside for that cause they poop all over everything so I keep ‘em in a old storage room. The hardest part was bringin’ in seed for ‘em to to et. But now I gots me some eggs every day for omelets, and I can mix in carrots and other veggies to keep it borin’ – so not always eatin’ Z-bars!.

I’ve also been wanderin’ a bit more. I found that the Bigg’uns have mooved in to the ruins of Cedar Bluff by The Crater and are fortin’ the place up. We used ot get tlots of traders on old 162, so that’s gonna get some bodies kilt.

I also buried the bodies. I didn’t want them to attract Coyotes. Or somethin’ worse.

Entry Four
Been watchin’ the soldiers across the river. Theys busy as beavers. Diggin and pilin’ dirt and puttin’ up towers and diggin’ some more. I wonder what they’s after?

Entry Five
It’s been a couple of months. Some strangers came by, promisin’ to take the fight to the Bigg’uns, and the soldiers. Been watchin’ em the last couple of days. They don’t seem the type to be killin’ for fun, so I’ll show them The Secret.

Entry Six
Just like that they got me guardin’ their rockets to use on the soldiers if things go to shit. Mr. Dwight seems an ok guy, and lookin’ ta help the stray kid (me). I hope he’s not a secret perv. They also did a bunch of crazy. I snuck out and watched Mr. Flyerman buzz the Bigg’uns to get ‘em all frenzied like and then Dwight teleported around pissin’ em off. I totally need to lern that! And then Gabriel got all sneaky and poked at the edges, but He’s not good enough to see and hear Harper, no siree!

They also snuck into the to ruins and got their magic thingy, but now they’re all excited about the blue cheese wedge. Especially when they saw “the assholes” dumping a bunch of expensive hitech into the river.

Entry Seven
Goodbye to the bunker! They’re takin’ me with them. I let out the chickens so they wouldn’t starve. And the goat I found too. I gave them the rest of the deer I’d jerked, bunches of ammo, pappy spare guns and the boxes of Z-Bars. Those things last forever. I’ll come back for the rest of the secret stash someday. I ain’t tellin them about the ‘college fund’, no way (why did dad call his stash a college fund anyway? What does that even mean?). Especially creepy genderless wierdo guy. Don’t trust anyone if you can’t tell which way they swing Ma always said, ‘cause they’re probably gonna go all pedo.

Entry Eight

Entry Nine
So. That was wack. First there were what they called ‘meat mountains’ on the bridges and in the water and on the buildin’s around Chattanooga. I have no idea how that is even what. So the guys set up an ambush but they got ambushed by a meat thing just as the barge with the blue thing was showin’ up and so then the meat mountains where swinging from ropes and playin’ Cannonball! jumpin’ at the boats and there was rockets and mini-guns and what?! I cant’ even keep track of all of what happened.

Somehow Dwight teleported the big mech’ into the river, and the rest of the soldiers surrendered after most of their escort speeders blewed up.

Entry Nine
I don’t like hanging out near the blue thing. It gives me headaches.



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