Annals of Aldamere

All politics is local

Marcel, Olis, Thorne, Gabriel, Khiron, and Mr. Dwight

With the aid of the machine-spirit that Thorne seemed quite fond of, and whose secrecy Mr. Dwight seemed little concerned about maintaining, the company learned of the most promising “DOE SITE” to explore. Alas, it lay within the confines of another land known as “Iron Home”.

The information-merchant—and apparently unpleasant employer to Mr. Dwight and Khiron—Kavella offered to smuggle the party into Iron Home in exchange for dealing with some local concern in Gateway City. It seems an old friend of Mr. Dwight, a former smuggler and fellow “scruffy nerf-herder”, Matticks had taken over security at “The Wall” which controls access between the city and the docks. He was considered “too clean” for Kavella’s tastes, and we were told to solve the problem in whatever matter we wished.

After some tentative discussions, Mr. Dwight, Thorne, and Gabriel came clean with the situation and learned a it of Matticks’ situation the workings of Gateway City. His benefactor (and apparently lover) was of one of the great houses, and he suggested we come to dinner “in costume”—the locals find the armor we arrived wearing quaint. In any case, Clarrisa Nagastor was pleasant if aloof, and eventually offered to provide some method for reaching Iron Home without Kavella’s aid. She also mentioned that she would pay handsomely for “raptor eggs” should we acquire any on our journey.

A few days later a caravan master “Mr. Yezell” called upon the company, and the group set off on the road to Springfield. Travel in the wilds of this world is fraught with strange perils, as the caravan of trucks was set upon first by “tribals” on strange scorpion-horses, which had left some sort of trap in our path that Khiron set off with a quite loud explosion that in turn attracted an immense creature—dubbed “Lizard Jesus” in later retellings of the events. The company earned their keep guarding the caravan, although somewhat the worse for wear.



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